Narada's WhatsApp Integration

Welcome to the documentation for Narada's integration with WhatsApp. This guide will assist you in connecting your WhatsApp account with Narada, enabling you to use Narada's functionalities effectively on your mobile device via WhatsApp.

Table of Contents

  1. Pairing Your WhatsApp Account with Narada
  2. Using Narada through WhatsApp
  3. FAQs and Troubleshooting

1. Pairing Your WhatsApp Account with Narada

Connecting your WhatsApp account to Narada is a straightforward process that enhances your mobile experience with Narada’s features.

Steps to Pair:

  1. Navigate to the avatar icon at the top right corner of the Narada web interface and click on it.
  2. Select the 'Mobile Pairing' option from the menu.
Mobile Pairing
  1. Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code displayed on the screen. This will redirect you to the WhatsApp app.
WhatsApp QR
  1. Send Narada the pre-filled verification code message and begin interacting with Narada on WhatsApp!
WhatsApp Chat Start

2. Using Narada through WhatsApp

Interacting with Narada on WhatsApp is as intuitive as using it on the web. Narada will ask for your confirmation before executing any actions. Below are some examples of how you can use Narada through WhatsApp:

Scheduling a Meeting

  • Example Command: "Set up a meeting with Alex on Friday at 2 PM regarding the new project proposal."
WhatsApp Calendar Invite

Composing an Email

  • Example Command: "Draft an email to Charlie with the subject 'Budget Review' and message 'Dear Charlie, please review the attached budget report for this quarter.'"
WhatsApp Compose Email

Editing a Message

You can request Narada to edit or amend your messages before any action is taken.

WhatsApp Edit

Using Voice Commands

You can also use voice commands to interact with Narada on WhatsApp. Simply send a voice message to Narada and it will respond accordingly.

WhatsApp Voice

3. FAQs and Troubleshooting

Q: What if I don't confirm an action on WhatsApp?
A: Narada will await your confirmation before proceeding, ensuring that actions are taken as per your direction.

Q: Can I reverse an action once confirmed?
A: Actions confirmed and executed through WhatsApp can’t be reversed via the app. Any reversal would need to be done manually, if possible.

Q: Are there differences between Narada on WhatsApp and the web version?
A: The core functionalities are similar. However, Narada on WhatsApp requires your confirmation for each command.

Q: Is it possible to use Narada’s plugins through WhatsApp?
A: Absolutely! All enabled web version plugins are accessible through the WhatsApp integration. For more details on plugins, visit Plugins.

If your question isn't covered here, our support team at support@narada.ai is always eager to help.

Thanks for using Narada's WhatsApp integration. This guide aims to make your experience smooth and efficient. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.