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Google Drive Integration with Narada

Welcome to the Narada's Google Drive integration documentation. With this feature, Narada enables you to harness the power of Google Drive using simple natural language commands. Access your files and integrate seamlessly with your emails, all without touching the technical side of things.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Sending Emails with Google Drive Attachments
  3. Searching for Files in Google Drive
  4. FAQs and Troubleshooting

1. Overview

Narada's Google Drive integration streamlines the way you interact with your files on Google Drive. By leveraging this integration, you can easily search for files, send them as email attachments, and much more - all through Narada.

2. Sending Emails with Google Drive Attachments

You can now effortlessly send emails and attach Google Drive files using Narada.

Steps to Interact:

  • Drafting a New Email with Attachments: Simply tell Narada, "Send an email to Alex with the subject 'Project Files' and attach my 'Budget.xlsx' file from Google Drive."
  • Replying with an Attachment: Use a command like, "Reply to the last email from Tina and attach the 'Presentation.pptx' file."
  • Forwarding with an Attachment: Say, "Forward the email titled 'Meeting Notes' to John and attach the 'Notes.docx' file."

Narada will handle the file search and attachment process for you.

Please see Gmail for more information on sending emails with Narada.

3. Searching for Files in Google Drive

Locate your Google Drive files with ease using Narada.

Steps to Interact:

  • Basic Search: Simply command, "Find the file named 'Report 2022' in my Google Drive."
  • Partial Name Search: Say, "Search for files with the name 'Invoice' in my Drive."

Narada will provide you with a list of files matching your criteria, complete with their names, direct links, and file IDs.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Q: How do I ensure the correct file is attached to my email?
A: Be specific in your commands. If there are multiple files with similar names, Narada might prompt you to confirm the correct file. For example, "Did you mean 'Budget 2021.xlsx' or 'Budget 2022.xlsx'?"

Q: Can I search for files based on their file type?
A: Yes, Narada supports searching for files based on their file type. Simply specify the desired file extension or type in your command for optimal results.

Q: The file I'm looking for isn't showing up in the search results. What do I do?
A: Ensure the file name you provided is accurate. If the file is in a specific folder or shared with you, please specify those details for a more refined search.

If your question isn't covered here, our support team at is always eager to help.

Thanks for exploring Narada's Google Drive integration. We aim to make file management and sharing as smooth as conversing with a friend. Should you have any further inquiries or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.