Plugins enable Narada to understand and interact with a diverse range of applications and platforms, expanding on Narada's core capabilities. By using plugins, Narada will leverage many of your personal tools, whenever applicable, to carry out the tasks you ask it to do.

How to Use Narada Plugins

  1. Navigate to the Plugins section from your Narada sidebar.
Narada plugins
  1. Browse through the list of available plugins.
Narada plugins list
  1. Enable the plugin you want to use by clicking on the toggle button next to it.
Narada plugins enable
  1. Follow any specific instructions to integrate the plugin with your account.

Popular Plugins

  • Zoom: Enables Narada to control Zoom, allowing users to schedule and join meetings directly from Narada.
  • Calendly: Enables Narada to control Calendly, allowing users to schedule meetings directly from Narada.
  • Slack: Enables Narada to control Slack, allowing users to search through multiple workspaces from Narada.
  • Gmail: Allows Narada users to directly control their Gmail accounts without leaving the Narada interface.
  • Google Calendar: Enables Narada to view, schedule, and manage Google Calendar events.
  • Google Drive: Integrates Narada with Google Drive, providing users the ability to view, share, and manage their documents and files seamlessly.

Support & Troubleshooting

Having issues with a plugin? Visit the specific plugin sections for common issues and their solutions. For more in-depth support, contact our support team at